Monday, February 23, 2009

You wanna be on top?

They are looking for a season with short models (5'5"-5'7")

That would be me. 

I'm thinking of applying. 

Thoughts? Anyone? 

Yes? No? 

FYI: You really have no say in the matter, I'll probably end up applying anyway, just for fun.


Chatty Cathy said...

YES YES YES!!! I have said this to you several times! hahaha

They would freaking love you.

maddy said...

do it!

The Hansons said...

Of course you should apply. Because then you can be our favorite celebrity blogger, not just our favorite blogger.

lisaroo said...

They are personally inviting you. Sounds like they are beggin' you! So 200% yes!

Anonymous said...

Most certainly, my dear!
sez Leda from Missouri
aka Forever In Blue Jeans on myspace
aka cmjadel1 on youtube!