Friday, May 18, 2012

So much time.

So this whole graduation thing is strange. 

Combined with trying to blog again makes it even stranger. 

For the past two years I have thought about school. That's it. 

Even when I wasn't at school or doing homework, there would always be a nagging voice inside of me reminding me of the loads of things I needed to get done. 

During the summer I would think about what classes I would be taking in the fall, what books I needed to order, blah blah blah. 

Now I have tons of time. This time does not involve thinking about school at all because. . . I graduated.

So I have come to the realization that UC Berkeley has been stealing all of my thoughts for the past two years. 

So my mind has been pretty blank this week. 

The moral of the story: I'm super thankful for television. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm really hoping that when I become a graduate of UC Berkeley tomorrow afternoon, the desire to shower and wear real clothes comes back. 


I hope it comes back in a couple days. 

Not tomorrow. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Maria's mom has found the first picture ever taken of me and Maria together. This is great news. 

I represent the large arrow and Maria the small arrow. 

I don't know who these other people are.  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Best Friend Is Getting Married.

On the 28th of this month my best friend is getting married. This means you will be subjected to tons of pictures of us over the years. 

I remember the first day I met Maria. 



That's a lie. 

I think. 

I'm pretty sure we met when we were babies. So I remember the first day I can remember Maria. It was at my grandparent's house in Orange County, and my family had just gotten back from Knott's Berry Farm (I think.) and I had just been given some of those curly shoe laces. 

Those kind. 

And I don't remember saying anything to her. I just have weird flashes of us standing there saying nothing to each other. 

Maria and her family were missionaries in Spain, and lived with my family for six months when they were on furlough. 

I was six and she was five. 

Funny though, because I kind of count those six months as my entire childhood. 

This picture sums us up well. 

Most of those six months were made up of us playing Robin Hood in the back yard. She would be Robin Hood, and I would be Little John. . . that is. . . unless Maid Marian was involved. . . then I would be Robin Hood and she would be Maid Marian. I don't think I was ever the girl in any make believe story. Ever. I ended up being taller though, so it makes sense. 

We also snuck raw hot dogs out of the fridge and ate them in the back yard. This might have only happened once, but my inner child tells me we did it all the time. 

Over the next ten years we would see each other whenever our moms got together. Maria lived in San Diego, and I lived in Northern CA. So this only happened a couple times a year. Also those ten years didn't involve much social networking. . . so keeping in touch was obviously impossible. 

I stayed at her house when I was around 12 and we saw Episode I at midnight. We were fully planned to make Jedi robes for the occasion, but I am going to assume that our brothers wouldn't let us.

I was home schooled (so was Maria, twins!), and one day when I was 17 my mom dropped me off at Peet's coffee to do my school work while she ran errands. I decided to make the really great decision of drinking black iced coffee. 

 I don't drink coffee. 
Basically ever. 
So this caffeine thing really hit me hard. 

I thought I was going to die. 

When my mom picked me up she informed me that tickets to Dominica (where my sister lives) were only $500, and that I should go visit her.

 With my life flashing before my eyes, I decided it would be a great idea to buy a ticket to Dominica right then and there (well, at my house later in the day, remember, this is 6 years ago, I didn't just have an iphone or whatever). 

I wasn't about to go by myself. 
Who better than to take than Maria, who I hadn't really hung out with that much in the last ten years, but still counted as my best friend. 

So I called her mom and she said. . . 


So we went to the Caribbean. Which really set our best friend friendship for forever. 

We also watched a lot of Little House on the Prairie while we were there. 
It was at this time that we made our pact that if one of us died a tragic young death that the other person would have to get a tattoo of shirtless Pa in remembrance of the other. 

We're really hoping that neither of us die young and tragically. 

Since Dominica Maria and I have tried our best to see each other at least once or twice a year for a wonderful sleepover/photo shoot/shopping extravaganza. 

These are from April 2007. 

So is this one. We're hilarious. 

I visited Maria in San Diego and we did a lot of touristy things. We also found a bus stop bench that had an ad for a Relient K album on it. . . which kept us and our cameras busy for like an hour. 

Or two. 

Of course our photo shoots became more elaborate. 
(and we were finally exiting our awkward phase. . . kinda)

Here is us being magical and Disneyland last year.

Although there are a lot more fantastic things we've said and done, and more beautiful photographs of us. . . I'm guessing that is all anyone cares to see. 

If not you can email me for more info on our ability to sing High School Musical, Regina Spektor, and quote Adventures in Odyssey.  

So Maria.

You're getting married.

And I'm happy for you.

But sad for me.

I know you're going to be a wonderful wife, and your life is going to be full of wonderful happiness. Because good things follow you.

I know that we'll still have fun times, and since Michael is a good person, he'll have to go out of town sometimes and then I'll come have sleepovers with you.

But growing up is weird. Especially when it involves huge life changes.

I mean, I've known you as long as I've known my mom.

Only my mom was already married when I was born.

So Maria.

You're my best friend.

And I don't know about you, but I'm kinda planning on sticking with you.

Mostly because I love you and you're the best person I know. . .

and also because I hate making new friends. 

So Michael. 

Be good to my best friend. 

And Maria. 

I'm glad you've found someone who likes to make funny faces with you as much as I do.