Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hm, way to go green there sailor

So, it's been awhile. Shut up. 

Today at school I was standing outside of the library waiting for my next class to start. I don't like sitting in class for 10 minutes waiting for it to start. Then it's awkward, you never know what your supposed to be doing, or saying. My thought process usually goes something like, "should I be commenting on my neighbors hair changing from blonde to black since last class? She smells though. Oh my goodness, crack, she smells like crack." That's when I decide not to say anything because my upbringing tells me so. 

Anyway, I was standing there and this girls walks by talking on her cell phone and she is like, "you can't do that. It is so not eco-friendly. I really can't believe you would do that. You are jeopardizing the eco system. I am really not okay with you right now." 

Dead serious, that is what she said. 

The thing that is actually enjoyable about the fact that I heard this conversation is that she wasn't just kinda kidding around. Like sometimes I make fun of Al Gore. Or a lot. 

I know she wasn't kidding because of her Birkenstocks and her home made book bag. 

It's a give away.

Ben Stein was in my bulletin at church a few weeks ago. It was very unsettling. 

I know he is trying to "expel" evolution. . but really? I school boy uniform? 

Case in point. 

I would appreciate it if in the future I would not have to look at an old man in seductive outfit while I'm singing in church. 

It was almost as distracting as the time that they didn't catch the swear word typo under the single's lunch announcment. 

Just kidding. 

That never happened. 

It would be funny though. 

Down with my messy room. 

Jason Castro. Vote for him. I'm sure no one wants to die tomorrow night. Do us a favor, and vote for him, sucka. 

I do believe that he is beautiful. And yes, beautiful is the right word.