Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I made a bed. 

I'm very pleased.

Incense and peppermints.

My sister bought me incense for Christmas, so I fashioned myself this nifty little holder with my tea cup and some old beads.

I'm a fan. 

Oh my goodness.

So Britt and Nate got me a Shirley Temple CD for Christmas, and this is my favorite song so far.

My mom said that she wouldn't buy me a race car bed. 

Time for plan B: A tipi

Temporarily of course. 

Until the bed I'm making is done. 

Picture to follow. 

Julian Webber.


verse of the day

Exalt the LORD our God 
       and worship at his holy mountain, 
       for the LORD our God is holy.
-Psalms 99:9

No bed? What?

So, I got home tonight, and was given some sad strange news. 

I no longer have a bed. 

It was always the plan that Britt and Nate were going to take my bed after my sister left, and I would have somewhere to sleep. But apparently it worked out for them to take it today. . .while I was gone (very tricky guys). . .so I actually have no bed. 

I really want to sleep right now. . . but I can't. 

I am kinda confused. I don't actually know what to do. 

I have no bed. 

And I'm tired. 

*whimper whimper* 

I am making a bed right now though. It's taking me forever because school was crazy and I couldn't work on it. 

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. 

Oh, and if all else fails. . . I'm going to get my parents to buy me a race car bed.

Don't worry about us. . .

We made it home. Safe and sound. 

I almost killed us a couple times, but what can ya do?
Yeah, so apparently people look down on you when you pose for pictures while driving. 

We successfully listened to the entire soundtrack of Newsies, Les Miserables, and part of My Fair Lady, Prince of Egypt, and Across the Universe. 

Yay soundtracks!

Now my throat hurts from singing for seven straight hours. Go figure.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time to go.

We are about to leave.

Here are some morsels ( I don't think I'll ever use that word again. . it creeps me out) from our trip.

Ahhhh. Maria!! Why must we live so far apart. It's not right. It's just not right. 
The three shopping buddies. 
Rachel and my grandparents.

I miss Maria.

I love my major.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. --Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

Soooooo. . . is this why I still feel like I'm 5 years old most the time? 

Being an artist may be one of my biggest, but most enjoyable, downfalls. 

Well, I guess it's too late to change my major now. 


I'm going to live in a cardboard box. 

A nicely decorated cardboard box.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Day two.

So, today, day two of the road trip, was fabulous. 

Rachel and Maria woke up around 8:30, and I woke up around 9:15. . . but that 45 minutes wasn't really sleeping time, it was half sleep, half listen to Maria talk. Which I love of course. 

We talked with my grandma for awhile, which was super fun because she is hilarious. 

Then we went to the Irvine Spectrum. 

Of course it was amazing because. . . well. . . there is a ferris wheel in the middle of the shopping center. Obviously. 

I got some ridiculous deals on clothes. I'm super excited. I probably spent to much money. . . but. . . I saved so much. . . so I don't feel so bad. . . right? Yes. 

We met Anna, Grace and Gunnar for lunch at Chipotle. It was delicious. Maria and I split a burrito and a bag of chips. My stomach was very happy. 

I dropped Maria off at the train so she could go home. That was not a happy time. 

We went back to my grandma's house and ate yummy food. 


Brussel sprouts are my FAVORITE. 

And home made macaroni and cheese is ALWAYS welcome.

Then we hung out with my grandparents after dinner. I love them. 

They go to bed kinda early, and Rachel and I were going to go out and do something fun. . . but we don't actually know what there is to do for fun here. 

AKA: we went and bought movies. 

We are watching this right now. 
Natalie Portman is PURE evil. 


We also got Moulin Rouge and Ironman. Robert Downey Jr. FTW! 

I'm also trying to eat all my Christmas candy as quickly as possible while we watch movies. 

I'm going to try and do the whole "no eating sugar during January" thing with Maria. 

My body may go into shock because I've been basically eating sugar this whole month. 

NOT okay. 

Time to reclaim the six pack. 

First road trip. . complete.

We made it! 

We apologize for Rachel, the older sister, being a party pooper.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spontaneity you are my middle name.


My sister and I decided last night that we are going to drive to LA today to visit the grandparents. 

Maria, Anna and Grace are going to meet us there too! 

We have great plans of going to Hollywood and pretending we are rich and famous. 

So if you are in the Hollywood area tomorrow, and would like to join. . .don't hesitate. 

This means you. 

I'll go to bed on time soon, right?

Yes, I know my sleep patterns are off.  They've been off since Texas. 

Oops! It's a 30 minutes past tired

On a NOT more serious note

Uhhhh, must lighten the mood!

You guys know how in San Francisco all of the street performers are usually crazy and or homeless? 

Well, today we saw NORMAL ones!

They were so good! I realize now that I should have recorded them so you could hear. . . but I'm not that quick on my feet apparently. But trust me, they sounded really good.

They were playing cover songs. Across the Universe was one of them, so I automatically loved them. 

I even gave them money, and danced along while they played. 

Kudos to my new favorite street performers.

Someday. . . when I'm a Banjo rock star. . . I'm going to go to the city and make money. 

Maybe. Or maybe not. Whatever. 

On a more serious note.

As I said before, I was in the city today. My sister and I were riding on the BART train, and it was one of those times when we were underground, and trying to talk to each other would be pointless. My ear drums were about to explode from the pressure. Apparently not as badly as the couple across from us who would close their eyes and plug their ears every time we went underground. Weird.

Anyway, as I was sitting there, I was looking at the woman standing next to me, and she had this little dog keychain. I immediately thought of my friend Rebecca. She was my best friend from 4rd to 7th grade. We went to the same church, and she lived just down the street from me.

We were inseparable. I was either at her house, or she was at my house. . all. . .the. . .time.

We loved walking to 7-11 to buy slurpees, or going to Claire's to look at the jewelry (best day ever was when they had their 10 things for 10 dollars deal. . .we almost died). We rode our bikes EVERYWHERE.

We only got into two fights the whole time we were friends.

both times over money.

We loved to make movies together, make up funny dances, and play "pranks" on her brother. Like the time I spent the night at her house, and we threw Kraft American Cheese slices into his room at 2 am. We thought it was hilarious.

Our favorite thing to do was play with stuffed animals. Mainly, beanie babies. The one pictured above, his name is Dakota.

This one time we spent weeks building a house for the different animals out of card board boxes and fabric scraps.

She was my best friend.

She moved when we were in 7th grade. We were going to write each other everyday.

I wish that had worked out.

The last time I saw her, the last time I REALLY saw her, was when we went swimming at the hotel they were staying at before they moved.

It was so hard.

I wish I knew just how hard it really was.

We went to their hotel room and watched the end of Big Daddy. I still hate that movie.

My dad came and picked me up.

Neither of us cried.

I cried. In the car.

I saw her once a couple years later, when she came to visit family in the area.

We had nothing to talk about.

I almost felt like I couldn't wait for her to leave, it was so awkward.

I was babysitting for my sister, just my oldest niece was born at the time.
We were coloring.
Their phone rang, and I saw that it was my home phone number.

It was my mom.

My mom called to tell me that Rebecca had been killed in a car accident. She was on her way to work when a drunk driver came into her lane. Thankfully, she lived long enough to call her mom. She was rushed to the hospital, but didn't make it.

That was my best friend. My very best friend. The friend that I shared so much with.

And even though we hadn't talked for years, I miss her. 
I miss her more than I could have ever imagined. 



Mel's face = how I feel about having to wait a whole year until I can celebrate Christmas again. 

quote of the day

So I went to the city today, and had lunch with my sister and grandparents. It was SO much fun. I love them, and it was nice to have some more personal time with them. Usually when I see them it's with my whole family, so this was nice. It reminded me of when I was little and I would go stay with them for a week. Those are probably some of my most vivid memories from my childhood. 

Anyway, the most hilarious thing was said. . I'm not sure if anyone else thinks it's funny, but I do. 

Farmor (Grandma): *puts lid on left over salad before throwing it away* I'm going to put this lid on just incase a homeless person finds it. 

Farfar (Grandpa): . . . That is thinking VERY optimistically, Barbro. 

I don't know why that cracked me up so much, but it did. 

Hooray for grandparents! 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Michael Castro.

Jason Castro's brother, Michael, just opened a music myspace. 


It's wonderful! 

Holy holy holy

I really like this hymn right now. 

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to Thee;
There is a sign at the sight of thee, merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, God in three Persons, blessèd Trinity!

Holy, holy, holy! though the darkness hide Thee,
Though the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see;
Only Thou art holy; there is none beside Thee,
Perfect in power, perfect in power, in love and purity.

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
All Thy works shall praise Thy Name, in earth, and sky, and sea;
There is a sign at the sight of thee, there is none beside Thee;
God in three Persons, God in three Persons, God in three Persons, God in three Persons, blessèd Trinity!

I keep my promises, thank you very much!

I promised Katie that I would post this video for her. 

She had never seen it, and that my friends, is a down right SHAME. 

I totally rocked the vocals on this song tonight. Sure, on Rockband, whatever. I still did. 

Oh, and OK Go is Swedish. Which makes me happy. 

More? Really?

So, I kinda thought that I was done with my college applications back in November
. . .but no. 

I had to fill out a supplemental application. 

Does their madness never end? 

I mean, I already told them my GPA (which is 3.65 BTW. . go me. . and it WILL be 3.7 by the time I transfer, I'm determined), and what courses I had taken. 

Anyway, that was lame. 

I hope I get in. I don't know if I can wait until March. 

But whatever happens will be for the best! Hooray! 

Best news: after this spring I'll officially be a junior! That is all that matters. 

Thank you and goodnight. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sufjan Stevens

I know I said to buy his Christmas CD already, but now Christmas is over. . . 

So now it's time to buy all his other CDs. 

Sufjan Stevens. Please take note of the banjo. . . and the amazing wings. 

If you did buy his Christmas CD, isn't Amazing Grace THE BEST? 

I'm listening to that one all year round. In fact, I'm listening to it right now.

I'm going to learn how to play it ASAP. 

So I'm having a little post-Christmas relaxation. I really don't watch TV that much, but I've been watching How It's Made for about an hour now. 

I am so informed. 

I now know how hard candy, styrofoam, glass eyes, and dog/cat food is made. Now I'm learning about mirrors. 

This show is amazing. 

I should probably get ready for my day now or something productive like that. Or not.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This is my WHOLE family

This is my immediate family. 

I hope everyone had an amazing day! I love Christmas. Today was so much fun, I love my family. 

Although, I ate way too much, and I might explode soon. This could be my last post. 

This was the first time my whole family has been together for about a year and a half, so it was really special. 


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ugghhhh, so close to a 4.0


Monday, December 22, 2008

Ugh. . . why must I. . .

"Somedays I am virtuous, but somedays I'm just bad".

The latter part of that quote sums up the last hour and a half of my life. 

I let my temper get the better of me for an hour and a half. 

Which is really bothersome, and not okay.

Sorry family, don't disown me. 

I promise I'll be happy tomorrow. 

If I could just be perfect all the time, that would be awesome, thanks.

I have a growing pain in my arm. *whimper*

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I can't decide if this is good or bad.

I have 124 Christmas songs in my itunes library

I can listen to Christmas songs for 6.1 hours. 

That isn't even all my Christmas music. 

I have probably 4 more CDs I could import. 

Good? Bad? 

I just don't know. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm the only one who gets excited about these things.

Happy fake Lucia day from my home to yours. 

May all your Lucia day wishes come true. 

Lucia Day!

Ha. . haha. . hahahahaha. 

The best thing ever happened tonight. 

So as some of you know, Lucia day is the 13th of December. Well, I was in Texas for Lucia day, so we decided to post-pone the festivities till I got home. 

You can read more about Lucia Day here:

Our plan is to have it tomorrow morning. . . which means I'm waking up at 6. . .which means I should have fallen asleep many hours ago for me to be well rested tomorrow. Oops. 

Anyway, my mom was making sure before she went to bed that I got the Lucia crown and everything ready, and she says. . . 

"you need to have everything ready tonight for tomorrow, because if we don't have it tomorrow, we can't have it. I'm gone on Saturday, and it just wont work any other time. You guys CAN'T do it on Saturday if I'm not there, or so help me, none of you are going to get any Christmas presents, and I'm going to return them all to the store." 

My interpretation: 

"Ahhhh, if you have any Christmas fun without me I will take away your presents, aaahhhhhh" 

I love you mom. 

Oh, and I did get everything ready. 

I'll post pictures of the day later. Apparently Maddy doesn't want to be Lucia this year (yesssss) so I get to do it (yyessssss).

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's why I celebrate the day.

This is so weird. . . I have no school. 

Hence I'm going to write a long post. 

Or attempt to. 

I'm going to talk about my love of Christmas. Not the giddy love of Christmas, but why I get giddy about Christmas and why I think everyone else should too. 

There are so many reasons. . . 

I've grown up in a very Christmasy family. We decorate a lot, and celebrate many many traditions. 

Christmas movies, cookies, Lucia Day, door chocolates, gingerbread houses, paper chains, snow flakes, games, and just spending massive amounts of time together so at the end of December we might throw up if we have to look at someone in our family ever again. 

We always get a real tree, and decorate it. . . the night usually ends with Maddy crying because I moved where she put one of the ornaments (I'm sorry, there are some things my OCD does not allow. . .two ornaments on the same branch? No.) 

These aren't all the reasons I get giddy about Christmas. 

My family is Swedish, and being Swedish, we celebrate Christmas with my dad's family on Christmas Eve. This involves great things, great food, drinking songs, dancing around the house, a visit from Tomte (AKA creepy creepy santa), gift exchanges, laughter and speeches. 

These aren't the reasons I get giddy about Christmas either. 

Christmas day is so fun, we wake up early, open our stockings, laugh, drink yummy things, eat yummy things, lay around in our PJs until we are so disgusted with ourselves that we MUST get dressed. We wait for the rest of the family to come over, the kids always bring their favorite present to show off, the house is festive and excited for the happiest day of the year. We open presents from each other, eat more yummy food, laugh more, laugh harder, die from laughing, usually more yummy food is eaten here. The night goes on until we are all too tired, or the kids have had a melt down. 

These still aren't the reason I get giddy about Christmas. 

Sure, I love all these things, I love the season and joy, and kindness it brings. 

But the reason I can enjoy any of these things is because I can first and foremost celebrate the birth of a tiny baby that would grow up, live a perfect life, and die for me. 

That is why I'm giddy. Christmas means that I have life, and I have a joy that will never die. 

My savior, the king of my life, was born.

"And it was always said that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that truly be said of us, and all of us."
 -A Christmas Carol

Such a bad idea. . .

I have a counter now. 

So everyone better start reading this multiple times a day to make me feel really good about myself. 



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In good shopping day news. . . 

I went to TJ Maxx today and bought a jean jacket for $10. 

The good deal? 

It was originally $160. 

I. Love. Shopping.

You can tell I am supposed to be studying when I blog so much.


Once upon a time there was a ceramics student named Emily. She made these wonderful casserole dishes for one of her finals projects. She was very proud of them. When she brought them home to show her mom, what should she find in not one, but two of the casserole dishes, but a boys number and email address. She wasn't sure why he would ever think it necessary to put his phone number in two different dishes. Perhaps he thought that she would be more likely to call if he was persistent. 
She didn't know what to do. She was very upset at the thought of so many pansy boys out there, not being man enough to ask out a girl directly. She thought, "he was in my class all semester, and he waits until he knows the only way he would see me again is if I would call him". 
"No, no, this wont do" she thought. "I need a man. He was creepy anyway."
"Ah, well, he'll forget about me soon", she thought. 

And he did. 

And they all lived happily ever after. 


Everyone go buy Sufjan Stevens' Christmas CD. 

Do it. 


Let's do it again!

Okay, so I was in Garland TX this past weekend, and it was the most fun ever. 

I got to meet hilarious people that I love. 
I got to meet the coolest band ever. . . and Fabian

I got to meet the coolest family ever

and I got to re-acquaint myself with my favorite singer ever. 

It was full of win.