Saturday, December 27, 2008

I keep my promises, thank you very much!

I promised Katie that I would post this video for her. 

She had never seen it, and that my friends, is a down right SHAME. 

I totally rocked the vocals on this song tonight. Sure, on Rockband, whatever. I still did. 

Oh, and OK Go is Swedish. Which makes me happy. 


Reece said...

Thank you Emily, for keeping your promise! It was truly a shame...truly. But thanks to you, it is no longer :) Last night was a blast...we'll have to do it again sometime!

Reece said...

Oh...yeah...AND, I'm saving up to buy 8 treadmills for my new workout room for whenever we get around to building the dream home...and you'll have to come over to assist with the vocals. Totally.

Katie Miller said...

oops...those comments were from me...apparently i was accidentally logged into Reece's gmail acct when i wrote them!