Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No bed? What?

So, I got home tonight, and was given some sad strange news. 

I no longer have a bed. 

It was always the plan that Britt and Nate were going to take my bed after my sister left, and I would have somewhere to sleep. But apparently it worked out for them to take it today. . .while I was gone (very tricky guys). . .so I actually have no bed. 

I really want to sleep right now. . . but I can't. 

I am kinda confused. I don't actually know what to do. 

I have no bed. 

And I'm tired. 

*whimper whimper* 

I am making a bed right now though. It's taking me forever because school was crazy and I couldn't work on it. 

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. 

Oh, and if all else fails. . . I'm going to get my parents to buy me a race car bed.


Nate said...
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nate and britt morgan said...

geez...... well, we weren't trying to be sneaky or anthing. nate had to make a trip out there to drop off the elliptical so there were no seats in the van - perfect timing for hauling it back. isn't there a trundle under stephen's bed?

Emily the Magnificent. said...

oh, I was just being funny. . .

I was actually upset, and I ended up stealing Rachel's bed from her. She fell asleep on the couch and just stayed there. =)