Friday, December 19, 2008

Lucia Day!

Ha. . haha. . hahahahaha. 

The best thing ever happened tonight. 

So as some of you know, Lucia day is the 13th of December. Well, I was in Texas for Lucia day, so we decided to post-pone the festivities till I got home. 

You can read more about Lucia Day here:

Our plan is to have it tomorrow morning. . . which means I'm waking up at 6. . .which means I should have fallen asleep many hours ago for me to be well rested tomorrow. Oops. 

Anyway, my mom was making sure before she went to bed that I got the Lucia crown and everything ready, and she says. . . 

"you need to have everything ready tonight for tomorrow, because if we don't have it tomorrow, we can't have it. I'm gone on Saturday, and it just wont work any other time. You guys CAN'T do it on Saturday if I'm not there, or so help me, none of you are going to get any Christmas presents, and I'm going to return them all to the store." 

My interpretation: 

"Ahhhh, if you have any Christmas fun without me I will take away your presents, aaahhhhhh" 

I love you mom. 

Oh, and I did get everything ready. 

I'll post pictures of the day later. Apparently Maddy doesn't want to be Lucia this year (yesssss) so I get to do it (yyessssss).

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