Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Run Emily, run.

I left a little bit late for school this morning. 

There was bad traffic for the time of day. 

I was going to be late. 

I already have one absence for my Administration of Justice class. If I have more then two I have to take the final. If I only have two then I don't have to take it. 

I decided to wear 4" wedges to school today. 

I had to park in the overflow lot. 

I ran barefoot from the overflow lot to the planetarium. 

If you know DVC, you know how far that is. 

If you don't, well, it's on complete opposite sides of the campus. 

I am a hardcore student. 

And I made it just in time for roll. 


Anonymous said...

Yippee!!! You wore heels to school today :)

oh, on congrats on making to class on time

... priorities


Chatty Cathy said...


There is something so satisfying about making it somewhere in the knick of time, when it really counts, when the forces of, like, everything are against you.

Gunnar Hanson said...

Maybe today would have been a better day for the Crocs! Good put out on education!

Dana said...

whoa. thats like a a lil less then a mile or maybe a half a mile. i donno. lol.