Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My days need to be longer

School might be the death of me. 

I forgive Christian Bale. 

I'm going to Sutter's Fort tomorrow as a docent. I don't really want to. 

If I don't get more sleep soon I might cry. 

American Idol is disappointing me in so many ways this year. 

I talked to Maria for two hours the other night, and it was the best. 

I have a speech today. I might butcher it. 

I have an Art History quiz today, and I know I'll butcher it.

I need to clean my room, again, already.

Rachel and I actually saw a good looking boy at school yesterday. You might think that sounds harsh, but you've never been to my school. And if you have, you know that's not harsh. 

That is my life right now. 

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