Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey Mr. Sandman. . .

I've been having super weird dreams lately. 

Just crazy crazy stuff. I don't 
really remember very 
much of it, but basically for the past three nights 
my dreams have resembled Moulin Rouge.

And in my dream last night I dropped 
my phone. And it broke, again.

I also was taking care of
this creepy baby/adult.
I think it's becuse I've been
looking at so many pictures of 
creepy baby Jesus in art class.

Totally weird.

The dream is kind of coming back to
me actually. It was a family feud
(not the show, but a real feud)
scenario, like
Romio and Juliet. And it
was my job to protect
the baby/adult. And during the course
of doing this I dropped my phone.

I don't think I want to sleep anymore.

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