Monday, February 2, 2009

At least the commercials were. . . "funny". . .

So I don't like football. 

I really don't. I really don't like to watch ugly men tackle each other. 

It's just not my thing. 

Anyway, yesterday as the game was starting I decided that I wanted the Cardinals to win. I mean, they have nicer uniforms and a better name. 

I realized why I can't be a sports fan. 

I was so into the game. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Which was bothersome to me because. . well. . I'm a girl, AND a Sandberg. We don't do sports. 

I was so depressed when they lost. The Steelers are ridiculously lame. 

In other news, I beat my brother at pool. 

Well, kind of. We were both down to the 8 ball and he scratched. So I won by default. It was close, but I still won. 

Oh, and James Harrison looks like Shan-Yu form Mulan. 

Seriously. Look. It. Up.

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