Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pants boy

You may remember "pants boy" that Maddy is in love with from Trader Joe's. 

Anyway, it has been Maddy, Maria and mine's mission to find out his name for about a month now. 

Not so much Maria since she doesn't live here. But she has been cheering us on. 

Basically whenever we are at TJ's, his sweatshirt is covering his name tag. It's very frustrating. 

Today of all days, I go grocery shopping, and there it is, his name tag, in plain sight. 

Eric. His name is Eric. 

Mission complete. 

If anyone would like to know what I bought, my shopping list is as follows: 

Luna Bars
Z Bars
and Pretzels

My school lunches will be very nicely packed now. 

I was out of food and having to eat the nasty stuff at school. 

Not. Okay.


Gunnar Hanson said...

Okay, so what is "Fiberful" all about? Congrats on the name!

Emily the Magnificent. said...

It's kinda like a fruit leather


Emily the Magnificent. said...

oh, that didn't work. . .I'll post it.

maddy said...

i am not in love with him..he just has nice pants.