Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is why I stay up so late

I love the website Etsy, and my friend Phil reminded me of that tonight. She sent me some random pictures of stuff that was for sale. . and it sent me on a never ending quest for all things cute. 

I think I looked through every Beatles thing on the website. Sooo. . if anyone in my family sees these things and thinks to themselves, "man, I really want to buy Emily one of these things. Even though Valentines is Maddy's birthday, it's always good to show my love of Emily through Beatles memorabilia" I will accept! 

I love love love this. I love the lyric "Let It Be". Someday it might be tattooed on me. 

This. Is. Amazing.

Is this not the most amazing thing you've ever seen? I could wear it in honor of Maria and John Lennon!

I don't need this right now, because. . . you know. . lack of significant other. . .but I still think it's cool

This is way too expensive, so I think that I want to do this same idea. Myself. With paint. It will probably never happen, but I would like it to. 

And these aren't The Beatles, but I think they would look fab on my/anyone's feet.

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