Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My friend Jani wrote this on my wall the other day

 "just so you know this closley guarded secret.. on the moon.. they had a picnic.. with peterpan.. and few lost boys.. and.. the swede girl.. whats her name.. pippi longstocking.. it was a magical time filled with moon cheese, crackers and punch.. they danced all night to..
ch?v=Wu5wz_8ytHg  and played charades

I'm working on a mixed media type picture of this scene. 

It might turn out amazing and I'll show you

Or I could fail and we just won't talk about it anymore. 

In other news, my voice is kinda gone, and I just said "here" in class when role was being taken. . . 

I sounded like a transvestite. 

I need some tea. 

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