Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Queen Emily Sturgess. That has a nice ring.

Barbie hand boy gave his speech today. I successfully didn't laugh at anything he said because. . 

A. I'm a horrible person
B. He is the creepiest person I've ever met
C. I try not to laugh at people who think they are God's gift to humor
D. I am a horrible person

Anyway, my teacher was telling us about a speech that was given about 15 years ago. It was by this nurse who worked with dementia patients. There was this particular woman that was her patient, and her children came to visit her. They got there and she wanted to sing for them, so she did, and it was beautiful. The children were totally confused. 

Then she wanted to show them the paintings she had done that won first place in the concord art festival. They were beautiful, and again her children were confused. 

They asked the nurse if she was sure these were her paintings, and she said yes, and asked why they were wondering. 

They told her that growing up their mom had always told her that she couldn't sing, and she was a very poor artist. 

The nurse looked at them and said, the only good thing about dementia is that you forget what you can't do. 

So basically I've decided that I can become the queen of england, and marry Jim Sturgess. 

I'm packing my bags as soon as I get home. 

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