Saturday, February 7, 2009

God made dirt. . .

I'm sorry fan base, I've been really sluggish in the blogging department lately. 

Hopefully this will make up for it. 

So yesterday I did the whole Sutter's Fort thing, and I kinda promised myself that I wouldn't come home and blog and say anything nasty about anyone. 

And I'm not. . . going to say anything NASTY. But you do need to hear something that happened. 

I was helping some of the little girls around to different stations to learn different things (I was in the bakery in the afternoon, and did this in the morning) 

So I take them to the kitchen where they had to wash apples. They had a big basket of apples, and the girls would wash them in a bowl of water. So they are doing that, having tons of fun, and then one of the girls drops an apple on the ground. 

Apparently this is the worst thing that could have ever happened. 

One of the moms ( I won't name names, actually I don't know this person's name. . all for the better) picks up the apple, and holds it between her thumb and middle finger as if it is the nastiest thing ever. 

While making a horrified face she races to the garbage and throws it out. 


An apple? 

Does she understand that it grew outside? On a tree? In nature? With bugs and dirt? 

No? She doesn't? Okay, that explains why she threw the whole apple away after it fell on the ground for 2 seconds. 

People are starving in other countries, and they would have probably appreciated that apple. 

Way to teach the children the lesson: waste not want not. 

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