Monday, February 2, 2009

If I should buy Jellybeans, have to eat them all in just one sitting

Oh my gosh, you guys.

So we all know that I like to eat healthy. I had kinda gotten off of that path while my sister was visiting me, and just now starting to get back on it. 

Yesterday was going to be my first day of healthiness. 

The junk food gods were totally against me. 

I get to church, and my mom had a scone from Peet's, and I thought, "no big deal, I'll just have a bite". 

That was fine. 

I get to work and my manager brought in doughnuts for the Superbowl. "Okay, I'll just cut a piece of one and it's no big deal." 

Then a co-worker comes in with 4 plates of homemade cookies. 


So I had one, then two, then five.

Next, another co-worker comes in with two things of brownies and cup cakes. I was proud of myself and didn't eat a cup cake. The brownies, that is another story. 

It was bad. 

Then we go to Heather and Stephen's house and there was a bounty of potato chips, and bean dip, and sandwiches. 

Then of course, funfetti cake. 

With that being said, my healthy eating is starting TODAY. 

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