Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey Mr. Tambourine man. . .

I had an incident today. 

I was very happily waiting outside of my Anthropology lab, sitting in the sun, and eating an orange. It was very nice. 

Then this guy comes over to his friend that is standing near me. I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary except that he was holding a box of Cheerios and enjoy them a little too much. 

I started overhearing their conversation. 

Cheerio boy: Oh my goodness, these Cheerios are soooooooo good. They are lowering my cholesterol. They are just the best thing ever. Oh man, they are delicious. 
Friend: Uh, yeah, they are. . . good. . . 
Cheerio boy: Dude, my girlfriend broke it off with me yesterday, ugghhh, these Cheerios are so good. I totally thought it would be hard that she broke up with me, but it's totally not, today is a great beautiful day. We are in the sun, it's awesome it's great. Man, I love Cheerios. They were only like 2 dollars. I wanted honeynut but they are like 5 dollars. I'm not doing that. *squwats down* hey, do you want some cheerios???
Me: Uhh, no thanks, I have an orange
Cheerio Boy: okay, okay, that's okay, whatever you want.*girl passes by* heeyyyy, where did you get those glasses, they are sick. 
Girl: *very broken english* uhh, Korea
Cheerio boy: WHAT? Man, I can't go that far. You think I can go that far for glasses? I don't think so. Man, they are so cool. There was another girl around here with awesome glasses. Man they are so cool
*girl walks awkwardly away*
Cheerio Boy: Man, the sun is so great. I love it
Friend: yep
Cheerio boy: *another girl passes by* hey, that girl is in my history class, I recognize that tennis racket she is carrying. I wish I had a tennis racket. Man, these Cheerios are aaammaaaaziiinnngg. THE SUN! I love it, it's so great today. Like, I just can feel it so well, it's so close. Like, You just stick your hand up and it's like you are high fiving the sun. Try it, just put your hand up. It's like a high five. I love the sun. Man, these Cheerios are so great, and they are lowering my cholesterol. 

At this time my teacher got to class and I went in. I don't know what happened to him, but I hope he stops taking whatever drugs he was on. They really are a nasty habit. 

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Chatty Cathy said...


"No thanks. I have an orange."

Yeah, he was coping with his breakup in a healthy way, wasn't he?