Saturday, January 3, 2009

I made it!

Okay, the overnighter was a success. I'm about to die of exhaustion though. 

I got there a little bit late because we had to drop off my sister at the airport. Sad day. =( 

So starting at 2:30 we played board games, but in a round robin fashion so that every team had one person at every game and they would rotate and finish the game that way. Super fun. I got to be in charge of the Apples to Apples station. . .which. . .I love that game. 

Then we had a progressive snack thing where we went to people's houses and ate snacks. We came back to the church and watched some old movies that old students had made in high school so that we could inspire the new students to make their own movies. 

That was the one that my friends and I made when we were like 15 and 16.

Apparently my hair got volume later in life.

Then we left for the ice rink, and some of the kids skated. My friend Rachel and I talked
to our youth pastor about the meaning of life. Well, more like the made up version of the
meaning of life. You probably had to be there, so I won't explain, but trust me, it was funny.

We were there from about 8:30 to 10, and we headed out for In-N-Out. Which is ALWAYS
delicious. I thought that Chris, my youth pastor was going to make me wear a dunce cap
again for being a vegetarian. That has happened in the past.

Then around 11:30 headed BACK to the ice rink for some broom ball. Let me just say that Rachel
and I (my fellow avocado farmer) were amazing goalies (we needed two because there were 10 
balls out there). The other two staff guys who are older and much bigger than us, were trying to 
score the whole time, and only a couple got past us.

They were so proud of themselves whenever they would score on us. Stupid boys.

We were there till around one. We headed back to the church, I made everyone listen to Jason
Castro's Tell Me So on the way. WHICH, they all loved, thank you very much.

After that they had video games going, and a movie. I think I ended up going to bed around 3:30.
Some of the kids stayed up all night, but there is no way I would have lasted that long.


This morning I woke up and was like the living dead. I was so tired. I wanted to cry.

So I got dressed and packed up all my stuff, made sure all the kids got with the right parent ETC.

Aaannndddd, I look for my keys to go home. . .they are no where to be found. Till this moment
I still have NO idea where they are. So my dad had to come and give me new keys. Luckily there
is not house key on the key chain. But this meant that I had to sit at Peet's for an hour to wait for
my dad. It normally would have been amazing, but I was so tired that it was miserable.

He came, and everything is okay now. But that was lame.

Overall it was a great time!

Yay high school kids!

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i think thats what will would do for an avocado