Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's give him a hand. . .

On the topic of school, I'm usually a nice person. . . and I try not to make fun of people. 

But, I can't help myself. 

In speech class today we were introducing another class mate, and this guy gets up to introduce this girl. First of all, he was a total jerk. He was talking about her as if everything she likes and does is totally stupid. 

Anyway, he had woman hands. 

I'm not talking like my woman hands. 

I mean like Barbie woman hands. 

It was very disturbing. 

I also threw up a little in my mouth because he had long nails. 

I kind of imagine this is what Rasputin's hands would have looked like.

Also, three people in my class want to act for a living. Remind me to do something that is an easy field to get into. Like art. . . oh wait. 


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