Wednesday, January 7, 2009

*sniff* nostalgia. . .

I'm sorry I'm blogging so much today, but I literally have nothing to do. I think I'm going to go attend my sister's PE class in the park (oh home schooling you are amazing) and maybe take some fun pictures. 

But until then, you all just have to put up with me blogging multiple times a day. 

My mom says my blog is turning into an episode of Seinfeld. You know, something about nothing. Maybe she is right. 

Anyway, I thought I would do a little share and care time about my childhood. (Do you like that, share and care? I just made it up. . . I'm too pleased with myself. . all the time) 

First, Adventures in Odyssey 

I hope everyone knows what I'm talking about. This is a radio drama put out by Focus on the Family. It's amazing. No, really. I love it. I still listen to it. . .it's just that good. 

Best quote: Everett (I don't even know who Everett was. . I think he was only in one episode)
"The other night I was at a families house for dinner, and as I walked into the kitchen, I saw the wife using two wooden spoons to strain her spaghetti. And I asked. . "why?. . Why do you do this?" and she said, "Be. . because I don't have a spaghetti strainer". 
"The woman didn't even have a spaghetti strainer. And you. . you out there in radio land, sitting in your ivory towers, how many spaghetti strainers do you have?? Two? Three? Four even? How many of you have more spaghetti strainers than you have packages of spaghetti???!!!???"

Love. It. 

next, Judy Rodgers. 

This lady taught me some of my very best lessons in life. 

Here is a comment I left on her facebook group showing my appreciation. . . 

"I would just like to say, that Judy Rogers is amazing. I've listened to her my whole life, and she is still one of my top played artists on my ipod even though I'm now 19, and my music taste has broadened past any other music I listened to as a child. 

There is just something about Alligator Shoes, School of the Fool, and Angel Face that I will never outgrow. Sometimes when I am in church and my mind is totally off somewhere, the chorus of Alligator Shoes pops in my head, or when I say something mean I think, "dang it, the tongue is just like a fire unguarded". My favorite, when I'm waitressing and my co-workers say something negative about God I hear in my head, "You can put the pressure on, everybody's gotta know you're not gonna' fool with it, fool with it!"

So, I love Judy Rogers, and I always will, and if my children don't. . . I will make them."

My very good friend Maria and I have great plans that involve the song Angel Face, fake cigarettes and 80's clothes. Stay tuned. 

So I would keep going, but I want to go take pictures. I hope no one read this, because it's really boring. If you did, I'm sorry, you'll never get that time back. Oh, redeem the time my friends, redeem the time.


Andrea said...

Emily! I was raised on Adventures in Odyssey! I love it so much. I remember that quote too. I would still listen to it as well, but unfortunately all the copies I grew up with didn't get to come with me when I moved out and got married. BUT - I will be getting all of the series for my own children someday. It's essential to growing up. =)
~ Drea (of castrocopia)

Emily the Magnificent. said...

Yay! There is so much we have in common that we didn't even know. . . odyssey. . . Newsies.

Both staples of conservative upbringings.

Andrea said...

We must investigate these commonalities further =)

Hurrah for conservative upbringings!

maddy said...

You forgot "and lo i am that fawn"

Emily the Magnificent. said...

Oh Maddy, you are so right. . . that is one of my favorite quotes also. . .