Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quote(s) of the day 1/18/09

That's right.

You heard me.


Meaning, more than one.

Quote #1 of the day

Robert (one of my managers): "Dude (directed at Logan), I was surprised, Jordin Sparks gave me goose bumps before the football game the other day when she was singing."
Me: "Oh my goodness, I saw her in concert on the American Idol tour the season she won."
Robert: *dead straight face* "Emily, you are one of the most poised and mature people I know. . . yet, you are so. . .so young." *hangs head down* "American Idol concert? Really?" (Apparently he doesn't know the half of it. . )

Quote of the day #2 (this is the same guy that made the scarf festival comment)

Jarrod: "So you are a Christian?"
Me: "Yep! You're Jewish, right?" 
Jarrod: "I am"
Me:" . . People always think I'm Jewish."
Jarrod: "You look very Jewish. In fact, I totally liked you when I first met you, but then I found out you weren't Jewish. Can't tamper with the blood line like that."

Quote of the day # 3

Jarrod: "I just told Emily a Catholic joke."
Robert: "Dude, you can't. . . you can't do that. . she is not on your level, man." 
Jarrod: "She didn't get it."
Robert: "Of course not dude, she is like G rated. It goes, Jesus, Mickey Mouse, and then Emily. You can't mess with that."

Ahahahah, it was a hilarious night at work.

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