Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best day ever.


I'm having a wonderful day. 

Not really sure what is making it so wonderful, but it is. 

I don't question it. 

My work was so incredibly slow today, which was a little irksome, but it was nice to get to goof off with some of my co-workers. 

I think I had 5 tables in four and a half hours. No thank you. 

I'm drinking tea right now, and it's delicious. Jasmine Fancy FTW!

I am SO excited because I'm going to eat at my work tonight before I go help with the high schoolers. I plan on eating Salmon with a side of steamed brussels sprouts. 

My favorittttteeee!!!! 

I have great plans tonight. I'm going to help at church, which I can't wait for. The kids are so great. I'm especially excited for the worship time, because they are really talented. 

THEN I'm going to go home and clean my room, and play my banjo. 

Maybe finish that box I started decoupaging the other day. 

Just a great relaxing day all around. =) 

P.S. I was just complimented on my typing by the guy sitting next to me.
Apparently I'm really fast. 

The sad thing is, I got this fast by wasting my time. 


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