Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Issue. . .

Okay. . . so. . . 

I'm a big fan of fiber, you know, it's really good for you. 

For lunch at school today I ate a Fiberful thing from Trader Joe's (it's like a dried fruit bar) that had 25% of my daily fiber. Then I had a Kashi energy bar that also had 25% of my daily fiber. 

So far so great. 

My family was having chicken for dinner so I had to make something else for myself, you know, with my vegetarian disease and everything. So I had part of what they were having, brown rice (fiber), clemenquate, walnut, and celery salad (fiber), and then instead of chicken I had lentils. 

Let me tell you about lentils. 

So I got some pre-cooked ones from Trader Joe's, and there were two servings per package. 

Each serving has 17 grams of fiber, which is 69% of your daily needed fiber. 

I probably had a little more than one serving. 

And I think that is all I need to say. 


nate and britt morgan said...

geez louise...... speaking of fiber, have you seen the commercials for splenda with fiber. it makes me angry. so wrong.

Emily the Magnificent. said...

That is horrible. People are so stupid.

"Let me put some fiber in my chemically infused sugar. That will be especially good for me."

Chatty Cathy said...

So, Emily, are you feeling cleansed? LOL

Emily the Magnificent. said...

So cleansed. haha.