Friday, January 30, 2009

Why. Do. We. Care.

So there are somethings in the world that are stupid. 

Most of these things I overlook. 

But one of them right now is just annoying me. 

Apparently there is a huge to do about Jessica Simpson because there is a picture of her not looking like her ridiculously skinny self. 

First annoying thing: that this is even a news story. 

Second annoying thing: That she has to answer to everyone for weight gain. She's healthy, and it's her business. 

The third and most annoying thing: Everyone has to comment and defend her, so far in the headlines are, her sister, Kim Kardashian (don't get me started on how stupid it is that she is famous), Heidi Klum, and Nick Lachey.

Please, please stop. 

Oh, and the fourth annoying thing: Next time we see JS she is going to be skinnier than ever as a result of the pressure. 

I need. . .I need to move somewhere where people don't care about these things. 


Chatty Cathy said...

Maine would be a good choice. hee hee Plus, our "Old Port" (it's a section of Portland) has the coolest, ecclectic, artsy fartsy community. You'd love it.

(Oh and? We have the Polar Express.)

Emily the Magnificent. said...

I think I hear the Polar Express calling my name. . .