Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I never thought I'd see the day. . .

This is a joke. I don't want drugs. Nasty.

So I'm super bored. 

I have been in a constant state of boredom since my sister left. 

Sure, whatever, that was only 5 days ago. . . but 5 days of constant boredom is basically the same as 5 years of boredom. 

I would like school to start now, which. . .that's kinda weird. 

But I'm excited for the challenge! 

I'm taking science this year, and that is my worst subject, so it is my goal to get an A in that class. 

Ever since I was a baby (according to my mom) I've liked structure and a schedule. 

And that is what school brings me. 

*side note* I'm at Peet's and there is some creeper man checking out my shoes. . weird

I'm rambling. 

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