Monday, March 23, 2009

Road trip completion.

This is the tale of my road trip with my mom 
We had to stop for gas

We had some company on the way

My mom is a good driver. . most of the time

What is a road trip without one of these cheesy pictures. 

We stopped at my grandparent's for the night

 And took pictures with my grandpa 

Our car got a little dirty 

But my grandpa cleaned our windshield so we could see out of it

We stopped at my uncle's work. 

Met up with Amy and went to the beach. Got Joan from the airport, and ate Mexican for dinner. 

We picked up Dani and went to Disneyland. 

It was my mom's birthday so she got in for free. 

I got a sweatshirt. I love it. 

We stopped at my grandparents again on the way home. Self timer was our best friend. 

The end. 


maddy said...

toooo loooooooooooooooooong

dmboucher said...

Your grandparents are darling!
And your mom looks like a kid herself. Aren't you lucky to have inherited such "cute genes"