Friday, March 27, 2009

A promise is a promise.

So I should be asleep now, but I promised that I would tell you about my day yesterday. 

Well, actually is started out horribly. I woke up super sick. . . but it was for reasons that I don't think mixed company would like to know. Even though, now you know. Unless you are oblivious, in which case, never mind. 

So I kinda laid on the couch all morning and caught up on the DVR. 

Sickness=blessing is disguise

So I got ready and went to school, I was late since I was sick. But oh well. . . 

So now the good part starts. After school I went over to Rachel's house and we baked. I made a sunshine cake, and she made some ginger snaps. We hung out in her room, and listened to music. It was a wonderful high schoolish throwback. 

We headed over to the Dennys house for dinner. They are so great. And a big part of my fan base, so consider this a shout out. 

Scott's grandma passed away a couple months ago, and left a lot of costume jewelry behind. They were so so sweet and let Rachel and I choose something from her collection. I picked out this really cool gold feather pin. If I remember I'll post a picture sometime. Anyway, it was really cool that they let us do that. 

We had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. I'm not just talking any tomato soup. . I'm talking homemade, best tomato soup I've ever had. It was freaking amazing. You all should be really really jealous. 

Then for dessert we had the stuff that Rachel and I made, and Mariam made some of her delicious delicious chocolate chip cookies. 

Which I ate about 8 of today. I'm not proud of that. I was going to kinda control myself and eat them over a span of a week or so. . . nope. 

So we sat around their table for a bit and talked and laughed. It was a ridiculously wonderful time. =)


Victoria Sandberg said...

I don't suppose you are going to save a cookie for me?

Emily the Magnificent. said...
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Emily the Magnificent. said...

I tried. . .I tried. . .

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet. I loved being blogged about, is that a bad thing? Anyways the time with you and Rachel was bittersweet knowing that those kind of moments will not happen to much more before you guys go to you know where...

let's get together soon