Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've just seen a face.

Ah. I love him.

Please notice the adorable nose wipe at :20.

Oh the swagger that is Jim Sturgess.


Electroluminescence. said...

not only are the Beatles my favourite.
of all time ever.
Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, and Across the Universe are three of the best thing ever made.
geeze louise.

p.s. no, i am not stalking your page.... hahaha. i am subscribed to your blog now, so everytime you post i'm drawn to your page and can't resist leaving comments since you are always talking about my fave things!

soda158 said...


Emily the Magnificent. said...


The Beatles have been my favorite since I was like 11.

And Soda, I know, right? Holy cow.

Electroluminescence. said...

i'm not kidding when i say that i have literally been listening to the beatles since i was in the womb.
[i'm 21 now.] so more than two decades...and i am forever CONFUSED and bewildered at the fact that I only adore them more and more everyday... you'd think you'd get tired of listening to the same songs every single day of your life for that many years! hahha they are forever amaaaazing! timeless!
[my dad has every record, cassette, and album ever, pretty much. doubles of some! ha!!!!] so i've grown up listening and i adore them!!!

pea.ess. thanks for following me in Twitterland! :]

maddy said...

the nose wipe! i whatched it like 50 bajillion times