Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pet Peeve 101

Okay, so I really really big pet peeve of mine is when I'm at work, and a table wants a togo box (well, no, the getting of the box is not my pet peeve).

 First of all this is annoying because 3 out of 5 times they are going to forget their food anyway. 

Secondly, I always ask if they want a plastic bag to put their box in (we are supposed to bring it to them without asking, but that is just a waste). It really irks me when people say that they do want a bag. . like. . . you can't carry a very small box to the car? Is that such an issue? Is this wonderful plastic bag which you are only going to use once and throw away going to make all the difference? 

I have made an interesting observation though, those under the age of 30 almost always refuse the bag. I've even had tables where a mom and daughter will be out, and the daughter won't want one, but the mom will ask for it. 

Moral of the story: if you want to help the planet, and look younger, don't ask for a plastic bag


Chatty Cathy said...

I never want a bag (and I'm over 30 - ha! lol) unless the food was really oozy and there's a chance of it tipping over. I also re-use my plastic bags (I have a cloth sack thing for them). If I don't use them, I recycle them. [/tooting own horn]

Word Verification: STFUL
(bwahaha at the first 4 letters)

Gunnar Hanson said...

I use the plastic bag to pick up dog poop...but I am over 30, thus affirming your observation.

What would you rather me do:

1. Leave that bag and the poop?


2. Take the bag and pick up the poop?