Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apparently I'm a hot commodity

Okay, yeah, most ego building day ever. 

I got my hair cut this morning, and it looks fabulous. If I wasn't in bed with my hair in a bun, I would take a picture to show you. . . but it would be pointless. Maybe tomorrow. It really doesn't look that much different, but to me it does. 

 I was sitting in the quad alone, waiting for Rachel to get out of her class, and this random guy sits next to me, and straight up asks me out. The conversation went something like this. . . 

Guy: Hi
Me: Hi
Guy: What are you drawing
Me: Oh, I'm just doodling, but I'm drawing that tree over there. 
Guy: That looks really good, you're a good sketcher
Me: Thanks
Guy: What is your name? 
Me: Emily
Guy: Are you single, Emily? 
Me: Yes, and I really like being single
Guy: Me too, but would you let me take you out sometime? 
Me: No, that is okay
Guy: Awwww, come on! Please!
Me: Well, I don't really go out with people I don't know
Guy: Okay, I respect that. I still think your drawing looks good
Me: Thanks, you're really nice
Guy: Well I'll see you around
Me: Nice to meet you. 

THEN, I keep drawing and another guy comes and sits next to me. This one is apparently in one of my classes, but I totally don't recognize him at first, so I had to pretend like I knew who he was. He asked me some questions about videos we had watched at class. . . but I could basically tell that he didn't really need to know the answers to these questions. 

So I attribute all of this to my haircut. 

Thank you Alana. 


Anonymous said...

Oh no, what is going to happen when she moves to Southern California?

The single diaries of Emily Sandberg will be over :(


Emily the Magnificent. said...

What happens when I move to Southern CA? Do I magically get a boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

Yes, point taken


Emily the Magnificent. said...

Haha =)

I'm sure the single diaries of Emily Sandberg will continue for years to come.