Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love one, hate the other. . . or love them both. Just kidding, I don't like Oprah. Well, I try not to like Oprah.

So you know how Oprah has her "favorite things"

Well, I have favorite things too. 

Right now it involves sleeping with my window open. It's the perfect time of the year for that. 

In other news, I make myself so sad because summer is coming, but I'm already thinking about how I can't wait for fall. I love October-December. That is what Martha Stewart and I have in common. . .among other things. . . 

Wow, I just got Oprah and Martha into the same blog post.

This calls for diet and craft tips!

1 comment:

maddy said...

well when you leave for work can you close your window???!!!! is that too much to ask??!!??!!??