Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just call me model, Emily model.

So I am too tired to write anything worth reading

. . .(not that you should stop reading now or anything)

Today was Easter, and I love Easter. 

I love Easter food. It's the best. ( I hope you imagined me saying that like Nacho Libre, because I did) 

This random hair dresser asked me to model for her the other day. I hope she calls me because it sounds like fun. 

So really the point of this post was to be able to have a quote of the day. 

Quote of the day: "I can play Wii for hours and not get sore" -Stephen. 

Those ten words seriously made my week. No joke. 

I'm about to throw up from too much sugar, and mistakenly eaten ham fat. 

Time to go to bed and NOT burn off any of the food I ate past seven o'clock

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