Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Her name was Magill, and she called herself Lill, but everyone knew her as Nancy.

So if I could have taken a little longer to post again, that would have been really great. 

I feel like I haven't really talked about The Beatles enough. 

I shall now take the time to do that. Don't you even dare roll your eyes and close the browser. This is very important. 

I love The Beatles. I mean, love. Like, love love, not just eh, they are okay. 


Now, I don't really know when this love started. I can't really remember. I think it was when Beatles 1 was released in 2000. I was eleven. 

I used to only like their early stuff, and the new stuff really creeped me out. 

Now I love all of it. 

I am a pretty big Beatles snob too, like if your favorite song is Yellow Submarine, or you can't distinguish their voices in different songs, or you don't know that George Harrison's favorite food was hamburgers and his favorite color was purple...don't even pretend that you're a fan. Seriously. 

My personal favorite song is Here Comes The Sun. The whole thing just makes me so happy. 

I love all of their songs though. 

The only ones I ever skip are the weird Hare Krishna songs. You really have to be in the right mood for those. 

I also am a fan of most Beatles covers. MOST. 

Across the Universe (the movie) was just amazing. Amazing. 

The only famous person that I really need to meet is Paul McCartney. He is my favorite Beatle. 

Seriously though, the person responsible for making it possible for me to meet him will be my best friend for the rest of my life. 

If you're a man I might even marry you. 

Creepy fact. I'm painting a really huge picture of Paul McCartney from the Sgt. Pepper album. 

I call the painting: "I kick ass" 

I'm sorry if that word offends you. That's the name. 

Well, I'm off to help with good Rocky's revival. 

P.S. that picture of The Beatles is my favorite ever. I'm going to have it blown up in my house someday. 

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maddy said...

When i get to the bottom i go back to the top of the slide where i stop and i turn and i go for a ride till i go back to the bottom AND I SEE YOU AGAIN!
yeah yeah yeah! do you don't want me to love you?
i'm coming down fast but i'm miles above you! tell me tell me the answer!you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer!
helter skelter!helter skelter!

i got blisters on my fingers!!!!!(from typing)