Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Oh goodness. American Idol, how much do I love that show you ask? A lot. More than almost any other show. 

Jason Castro is where it is at my friends. I want to have his hair please. 

I also really want a tattoo. Badly. 

Some random guy walked by me at school, and said, "hey, I see you around school all the time, and I love your hair."

I wasn't sure if he was gay, or hitting on me. Sometimes it's hard to tell with compliments like that. He had a gay hat on though, and he was coming out of the Art Department.

I love the Art building. It's probably my best friend at school. I go there when I feel overwhelmed by the smoking hoodlums in the quad. 

Last night...wow...last night I laughed harder then maybe ever in my life. I actually could not breath. Like, really. I thought I was going to die. 

My mom was like crying, and Maddy had her huge mouth laugh going on. Then dad, well, I think he was eating cereal. I would try and explain why we were laughing so hard, but it really wouldn't be funny in writing. Oops. 

For about 20 minutes last night, maybe more, I played a very mini harmonica, and a wooden instrument from India, or someplace like that. I was amazing. 

The harmonica was made in occupied Japan. 

It was in my dad's "memory box". He had crazy stuff in there, like Disneyland tickets, back when you got in the park for free, and had the letter tickets. Pictures he drew from when he was like three. Insane. 

Last night was when I realized where I get my compulsion to keep anything and everything that has a memory attached to it. When I'm old it might be fun. Or it might just make me feel old...oh. 

I have dibs on inheriting the occupied Japan harmonica. 

Quote of the day: "I'm not a muffin man. I'm more of a bagel person. Not really with cream cheese though, I'm more of a jam person. Boysenberry is the shit." 
(People in my philosophy class like to talk about really deep things)

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