Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gosh I'm tired

So Maddy personally holds me responsible for Danny Noriega being voted off tonight. 

Apparently I was supposed to be voting for him last night instead of Jason Castro. 

Psh, like that was going to happen. 

We talked about Jewish immigration in my history class. The guy that sits the seat over from me asked if I was Jewish. *sigh* Everyday? Does it have to happen everyday? Imagine if I WAS Jewish, that would get older faster

I'm going to Berkeley tomorrow with my wonderful friend Annie. 

I can't wait. 

I think I might get a ring for my nose. I'm excited. 

Nothing really interesting happened today. 

Quote of the day:"I'm going to play a little Wii!" "I want to go to the diarrhea store. They have lots of toys and clothes." -courtesy of Mel (I think by diarrhea store she meant Walmart, just a hunch.)

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maddy said...

FYI em i specifically told you to vote for danny! and it IS your fault he went home! i bet him and i don't know how to spell his name guy were just a few votes difference! and i am so very sad he is gone!