Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm not obsessed. Really.

Today I made the trek down to Orange County to visit with my grandparents for Thanksgiving.

I am very excited for this.

Tomorrow we are going to Balboa Island.

And all my poor holiday heart can think of is the ambrosia I will be eating on Thursday. . and Thursday night before bed. . and friday for breakfast, and then a snack, and then another snack, and a side dish, and dessert.

If you don't know ambrosia as more than a band, you should look it up.


Anyway, I got into my car this morning, and Sufjan Stevens Christmas was playing on my ipod already. I've gotten a little burned out on this album because it's been the only Christmas music I've allowed myself to listen to pre-Thanksgiving.

I started this pre-Thanksgiving binge about a month ago.

I realized that I hadn't listened to The Beatles for a good week or two, so I decided to put them on shuffle.

Then I decided to keep them on shuffle.

The whole trip.

Seven and a half hours.

It's was wonderful.

The only song that repeated was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band. I attribute that to the fact that not only is it on SPLHCB, but it's also on Yellow Submarine. My poor shuffle didn't even know what it was doing to me.

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