Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I had a traumatic day at the gym yesterday. 

I was really bad about going last week, and Easter happened. . need I say more? 

So I went yesterday determined to really make it count. 

I got there at 10, and ER was on, and it had George Clooney! I was so happy. 

So I started watching it and it was totally keeping my attention, and I didn't even notice the fact that I was running at a ridiculous incline, and was kinda feeling like I wanted to die. 

Seriously though, the next time I get out of shape, please remind me of how much it sucks to get back into shape. 

Anyway, I was watching the show, and quickly realized that this was not going to work out. I knew the outcome of every story line. 

Oh my goodness, will medical student Carter choose surgery or emergency care? Emergency. Dr. Ross is such a womanizer, and Nurse Hathaway hates him. .  but there is an odd chemistry. . will something happen between them? Like she will become pregnant with twins, but he will leave and then she goes and moves with him and they raise their children and live happily ever after? Maybe. Dr. Mark Green, will he get residency? Yes, and then he will die. 

It was ridiculous. 

So I couldn't run for an hour like I planned. 35 minutes was all I could take. 

It was traumatic. 

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