Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am determined.

Gosh you guys, I have just been having a self realization day. 

I have realized that although I pretty much always eat healthy food, I really have been eating at messed up times of the day. 

I have realized that I have not been exercising like I should. 

I have realized that I have not been keeping very good hygiene. . . well, I shower often, but as far as making sure my face is super clean so I don't have hurty forehead syndrome, or that my toe nails are painted, or shaving my legs, I'm not a man, honest. 

My room is a bit messy. 

I have not been getting enough sleep. In fact I shouldn't be writing this right now, I should be sleeping. 

I know I'm in college and I'm supposed to be living off of top ramen and instant mashed potatoes, but I live in Northern California, and doggone it, we are hippies. 

Starting tomorrow, I resume my healthy living that I had before school started. I was so happy and healthy and fit. Well, I'm still all those things actually. 

But I love being healthy, it makes me feel so great. 

That is until the month of december when I will eat cookies for every meal. 

What? December is next week? That's a problem

I'll keep everyone updated. 

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