Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boys are so weird.

Okay, so you all know that I go to Peet's a lot. 

The one in Pleasant Hill to be exact 
(stalkers take note)

I usually get tea because
 A. It's cheap
B. It's not bad for you

We have also established that tea makes me pee like a race horse. 

So, I often occupy the bathroom at the Pleasant Hill Peet's. 

And can I just say that boys are not considerate. I cannot even count the times that I go in there at the seat is up. If you are at your home and you do that, and your wife has to put it down, that is still disgusting, but you guys know each other pretty well, so it's more annoying than gross. I have to put the seat down from guys that could be total creepers. Ew. 

Another thing, who raised these men? Two men? 

Just another reason why it is important for children to have a father AND a mother. 

Put the seat down, jeez. 


Gunnar Hanson said...

Emily, while I was raised by women and have been domesticated concerning the lifting the lid.

But, putting the lid down is NOT your worse case scenario...really, imagine if the men didn't lift the lid at all and relied solely on there aim not to miss the seat? I guarantee you, no man's aim would be "splatter proof."

So, I understand your complaint, but wish to point out, it is not the worse case scenario.

Emily the Magnificent. said...

Don't try and make this situation any better.

Because you can't.