Friday, October 10, 2008

"It just popped"

Your head's too big it's taking up too much room, your head's too big, it grows like a balloon and it just might float away, and if you're unluckier than that, someone such as myself might come along, and it just might pop. It was an accident. . . it just popped. Your head's too big, it's taking up too much room, it's filling with hot air. You're making your own self swoon, you're in love with yourself. your head's so big and tall,how is it then your thoughts are small? Your heads so big and tall, You found yourself and lost us all. Your head's too big,it's taking up all the room. It's broken through the atmosphere, you're rubbing elbows with the moon
-The Ditty Bops

Okay, so today I had the best compliment of my life. It was intense. 

I was serving this table (table 33 to be exact) it was a man and a woman. The guy was older, in his sixties, and the woman was maybe in her late 40s early fifties. I dropped off their food, and asked if I could get them anything else. They said no, so I started to walk away when the guy grabbed my arm and said, "I'm sorry, I just needed to tell you, you must know this, I'm sure you know this, but I just have to tell you that you have the most captivating eyes, they are beautiful, and sparkling, and just, just, just captivating." Then the lady that was with him said, "Yes, we were just talking about it, and you are just one of those people you hear about, those waitress who are discovered by famous movie producers and  are the next big star. That is going to happen to you, I'm positive. I don't know how it couldn't. It's going to happen." 
Best compliment I've ever gotten. 


So apparently I'm going to be a huge star. 

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