Friday, October 10, 2008

my music autobiography

The Beatles. I will love them forever. End of story. Listen to Here Comes The Sun. 
The Shins. Musical geniuses is more like it. Listen to 
Sea Legs. 
The Ditty Bops. They bat for the other team. I know. I just like their music. Listen to The Weeds are Winning. 
Chet Baker. I would have married this man for his trumpet playing abilities. Listen to Everything Happens to Me. 
Cat Stevens. Hands down best musician ever to be banned from the good ol' USA. Listen to Oh Very Young. 
Ben Kweller. He reminds me of Maria because we both love him. Listen to I Need You Back. 
The Andrews Sisters. Does it get any better? I want to be them. Listen to Crazy Arms.
Regina Spektor. She is my favorite girl singer of all time. Listen to Samson. 
Jason Mraz. So apparently I have a thing for guys named Jason who sing. Listen to Love For a Child. 

And that my friends, was my music autobiography. 

In no particular order. 

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maddy said...

my musical autobiography would have been sooooo much longer!!