Thursday, October 23, 2008

*Ahem* once again.

If I ever, ever, post about something from my life that is NOT stupid and pointless, but actually talking about myself in some way that I think people will want to know what is "up with me",  just stop me, just shoot me in the face. I'll forgive you. The world will be better off. 

I'm at Peet's. 


Yes, that picture was awkward to take. Especially since I was right behind the bathroom. Who knows what kind of unsuspecting victim would come out and see me taking a picture of myself. If that was to happen I would have no choice but to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them. 

Speaking of uncomfortable, there is some kind of "reunion" going on next to me between this guy and girl. I'm thinking it is something along the lines of, they were friends in high school and met again though some kind of facebook/myspace. I feel a little chemistry between them. . . awkward chemistry. If they start making out, I'm leaving. 

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