Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to do yoga

So today was all in all a good day. Much more interesting than yesterday. I think I jinxed it. 

School was great because I didn't have my last two classes, so instead of getting out at 6:30 I got out at 1:45. Oh yeah. 

I procrastinated with my time off. 

So word to the wise, don't eat dinner and go straight to Yoga class. Not so pleasant. Yoga was so crowded tonight, insane. I walked into a room of terrified looking people. Pretty awesome.

My teacher, he is great. 

He has an issue with anger. 

Yoga helps him with this. 

Sometimes you can see his veins begin to bulge. It's kinda scary. I mean, he suppresses his anger, and thankfully I don't think I have ever been the root of his clenched teeth. 

It's like someone won't be doing a pose right, or people are talking, and his eyes get all crazy. They like pop out of his head. 

Sometimes I imagine him walking up and punching someone in the face.

I hope that happens someday. 

Watching him control himself is really so great. It's like his does this quick glance at them, you know, a death look. Then his jaw gets a little tight, he closes his eyes, breathes from his "kidney space" and speaks really softly (pretty much just how you would imagine a yoga teacher to talk). Then, the best part, he gives whoever he talked to this half smile like, "it's okay, I believe in karma" smile...but in all actuality it's the "I really will kill you if you come to my class ever again", smile. 

I better be there the day he finally loses it. 

Quote of the day: "now, for all you gumbys out there, bring your right arm down and twist your wrist, now bring your hand under your left leg. Now take your left arm and reach around your back and grab your right hand. Breathe." (I can do this btw)

FYI, I'll probably post about American idol later. Two posts in one day. I'm a machine. 

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kelly said...

I would love to meet this man. I might have to tag along to one of your yoga classes....btw this is Kelly. like the kelly you know kelly. don't be scared.