Sunday, February 24, 2008

Apparently I'm Jewish

Oh happy day. 

I've always told everyone how people think I'm Jewish. Tonight's events only confirmed that to the max. 

While I was at work this evening a fellow co-worker was flabbergasted (I used spell check for that word) when he found out that I am actually not Jewish. I have worked with this guy for three months. He thought I was Jewish that whole time--not that there is anything wrong with that. 

He found out that I wasn't Jewish and he was like, "dude, it's your hair, that's why you look Jewish." 

What? my hair? Like...a Rabbi or something? See, he thought that by saying my hair was the reason, it would be better than saying it is because of my ginormous nose. Guess what? I would much rather be told I have a big nose than for people to say I look like a Rabbi. Seriously, any day of the week. Twice on Purim. 

To make matters even bet-ter, I called Jon (the bf) and told him the story, and he had me tell his Jewish friend who lives down the hall. So I tell him everything, about the guy at work, almost all my facial features, and that my last name is Sandberg. He started cracking up and said, "yeah, not gonna lie, I've seen your picture. There is definitely jew there." (I have a really hard time spelling definitely. . . and exercise, does anyone else have that issue?)

I hope something this entertaining happens tomorrow. 

Quote of the day: "Hi, I just came in to pick up an order, and my salad wasn't in there" 

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Nate and Britt said...

i wanted to leave you a comment, but i can't think of anything to say except that i use the words "totally" and "work out" instead of the hard to spell ones - seriously, i do.