Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So one thing that I haven't talked about yet is how thankful I am for my grandparents putting up with me and my madness the past week and a half.

They were so kind to, first, invite me to stay with them, and secondly, get ready for me to come, and thirdly, not get mad at me when I freaked out this week.

They were prepared for me to live with them for the next two years, and I would be lying if I didn't say that I'm going to miss all of the times I would have had with them while I was studying at Fullerton.

My grandparents have had a definite impact on me as a person.

If it wasn't for my grandpa, I would have no idea how to shuffle cards, I would never have read The Bobbsey Twins by the Seashore, and I would not have so many great memories of him reading Tom and Jerry and Tweety Bird Golden Books to me when I was a little girl (voices and all).

If it wasn't for my grandma, I probably wouldn't have a knack for sewing, I wouldn't be half as funny (since all the funny genes in my family obviously come from her), I wouldn't know who Little Audrey was, and watching that made me love old music like The Andrews Sisters etc.

I would never have flown kites at the beach.
I would never know to say "phooey" after getting ocean water in my mouth.
I wouldn't find myself calling stores or sexual preferences by different names, such as "WallaceMart" or "Lebanese".
I wouldn't have half the appreciation for small dogs that I do,
and I would never ever have had the pleasure of eating the best ambrosia that was ever made.

I love my grandparents.

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Electroluminescence. said...

I love your blog! it's just full of honesty & goodness & delightful photos!
1. You most definitely DID hit the jackpot! two Jason shows! lucky duck. if he doesn't make it to the East coast SOON i am going to have to just move back to California where i belong! [i can't wait for his album. geeze louise.]

2. I am majoring in communications/media... [photography/video/film/journalism, etc.] mostly because those are the things that I am interested in. I am afraid that when i graduate next year, I won't have any special talents or area of extreme expertise because it's such a broad major. BUT! I've had a chance to experience a little bit of all the things i love, and even if I don't graduate knowing what the heck to do with my life, I'm learning! And I won't have to be stuck with the same job my whole life, just because i majored in a specific area.
So, i say, follow your heart & keep praying, because you obviously felt that God was leading you in a different direction than your new college. Even in the midst of the unknown, when we don't know where our next steps will take us, He has a whole path laid out for us!

3. You have inspired me to read The Wizard of Oz. it's one of my favourite movies of all time ever. I'm in a film class right now, The movies of 1939 & 2009... so we get to watch/study The Wizard of Oz. i'm so excited! :]