Monday, June 23, 2008

The only thing that can make life better right now is Christmas.

Ahah. . .hahaha. . hahahahaha. . . 

The most hilarious thing happened today. 


HILARIOUS! (I accidentally typed bilarious just then, how embarrassing) 

I just HAD to go to the mall today because my dad had this little impromptu interview, and needed fab clothing. 

It was fab indeed. 

This trip was totally okay because I needed to go to Hot Topic and by nose cleaner. Like, for my piercing. Nasty thing, keeps getting. .. nasty. 

So as I was making my way quickly to the store of death, there were these two guys behind me. 

Ghetto of course. 

Do any other kind of people shop at the Sun Valley Mall? 


So they are probably 10 feet behind me, and one of them attempts to whistle. 


You know, the good ol' whistle that men do that they think is flattering but actually it makes you feel like a hooker? 

Yeah, that one. 

So this guys whistle totally fails, and he is like. . . 

ugh, it didn't work, I can't whistle. 

Then the other one tried. 

No go. 

So they keep trying over and over again, and I'm walking/dying. 

Then finally one of them uses a word that I don't believe should be used by women or infront of women. 

and says, hey you're hot. 

It was very funny. 

Not funny enough though. 

Remind me to never shop at the mall again. 

"Amazon, dot com, I don't mean to flaunt it but it's just the thing you wanted, and it only took two minutes!"

That is going to be my new home. 

Quote of the day: "No one said anything funny" -me. 

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