Saturday, May 10, 2008

I have a sickness.

It's called not doing homework when finals are in a week. 

The side affects of this disease are as follows: 

1. Eating. 
-I'm not talking about meals. . I'm talking about half a tray of rice krispy treats.           You can click on this and it will get bigger

2. Listening to music that I have not listened to since Jr. High. 
-yes Blink 182, this means you.                                       

3. Taking ridiculously long showers. 
-30min give or take. 

4. Watching gymnastics on TV. 
-Just kidding, nothing would drive me to do that. 

5. Blog 

I'm going to fail all my classes apparently.

. . .Oooo, maybe I'll go text someone I don't actually want to talk to but it will give me another reason to avoid studying. 

Heck yes. 


1 comment:

maddy said...

no wonder you refused to stay at
gymnastics instead of going to TJMAX!